2017 Choir Conference Packet - (packet to follow.  Posted 30 May 2017)

The 2017 - 60th Anniversary - conference of the Chicago Metropolis: Federation of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians will be held at the St. Spyridon Church October 12-15th.  This conference will serve as a reunion as well as a look towards our next decades of service.  Please review the packet - and share with your choir members, choir/church neighbors, retired choir members...this is an anniversary party! Come celebrate with us!

The Federation Board and I - so much - look forward to seeing you there and singing the liturgy that was sung 60 years ago at our first conference which was held at St. Andrew Church in Chicago.  Included in the packet is a dinner boat cruise on the Chicago River/Lake Michigan, as well as a live band (Claremont Drive) Sock Hop ...interspersed with Greek dancing - OPA! 

To register follow the directions in the packet.  If you register by check/money order, no extra fees will be incurred.  If you choose to use a credit card,visit the St. Spyridon Church website: http://www.saint-spyridon.org    where you'll scroll down to the Federation Logo (black cross/surrounded by music) - click on it and follow the directions.  This method - while fast - will incur additional minimal costs.  

Any questions or concern contact:  Ruth E. Faklis, Federation President at (708)364-1355 or rodothea52@hotmail.com

Thank you for your every consideration - we'll see you there!